Seven Sing For Survival on Any Dream Will Do

Prediction for this week – there will be a shock in the voting.

It’s not really a prediction though, this type of show has seen home audience complacency often in the past, and since it’s around the middle of the series, it could be tonight.

I would be pleased to see Ben and Craig in the bottom two, but have a feeling it Daniel or Lee might get a bit of a wake up call tonight.

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Any Dream Will Do – Only eight Josephs to go go go

Any Dream Will Do, on BBC1 at 7.45 brings us the final eight, battling it out for the big prize of the lead role in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in London’s West End.

The first casualty last week was Antony, closely followed by Seamus. I don’t know how I missed it, but apparently he changed the words to the exit tune Close Every Door by singing “I have been promised a show of my own” – replacing the correct lyrics “land of my own”.

I wonder if tonight’s show will have such high drama!

Any Dream Will Do – or not?

In the third week of the live shows, two contestants were eliminated in one night. After Johndeep’s dreary departure in week 2, bigger and better things were expected in this week’s programme.

Sadly for the viewers, it was not to be. Although the axe fell for Antony and Seamus, a few of the other West End hopefuls escaped by default, rather than by talent.

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No “more” Joseph for Johndeep

Johndeep More gets the boot from Any Dream Will Do tonight, after a showdown with Chris Barton for a place in next week’s lineup.

After an average performance in the main show, Johndeep just didn’t cut it with the judges, and his performance of The Beatles’ Let It Be only proved that he’s not up to the Joseph job.

Relieved of his by the other Joseph’s, Johndeep gave a farewell rendition of Close Every Door, with the boys backing him in their Poor Poor Joseph routine.

Joe’s Dreamcoat – whatcha gonna do?

Go go go .. Out Of The Show Chris Crosby

Chris C hung up his dreamcoat and made a sharp exit from talent quest show Any Dream Will Do.

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Talent Search For New Joseph

Way way back many centuries ago….. well last week actually!

The 12 Josephs are picked and ready for the live show this Saturday.

Any Dream Will Do